of Brookfield, NY

Greetings from the Crystal Labyrinth
 My name is Marianne Noller and I am the Labyrinth keeper. I was inspired to build this sacred labyrinth in the year 2000. The answer and acceptance of that inspiration has taken me on a path of magical wonder. It has taught me to pay attention. It has taught me that nothing is coincidence. It all started one warm, sunny day in July. The wildflowers in the field behind my house were in full fragrant bloom. I live in Brookfield, NY. Central NY about 30 miles south of Utica. My home, a barn shaped building is on a mountain top surrounded by a hardwood forest. That day and everytime I have picked flowers in that field I've always felt a great and powerful energy. I remember looking at the deep blue sky and saying, "Something really special should be in this place -- I wonder what that would be." The following week I was presented with information 3 times about labyrinths which were foreign to me but fascinating all the same. So this was the "really special thing" that should be in the field? I felt sure that an 11 circuit labyrinth was it. I went online and ordered the book, "Walking the Sacred Path by Dr. Lauren Artress". As soon as I made that decision and confirmed it by ordering the book the magic began. I received a gift of almost 200 potted bushes and shrubs. How many times does that happen in a lifetime? It had never happened to me before and I knew immediately in my heart that this gift was for the labyrinth. I accepted with humble appreciation and amazing wonder. The wonder was just starting. Later that week another friend gifted me with an old metal box. In that box were 33 quartz crystals from the Herkimer Diamond mine. They ranged in size from a large lemon to a lima bean....and my heart said "these are for the labyrinth" and so the name THE CRYSTAL LABYRINTH. The book arrived and I read it in one night. With sticks, a huge ball of string and measuring tape in hand I started to place the 13 point star in the field to center the labyrinth. I had already done the math. I wanted the path to be wide and comfortable. My vision was a leisurely walk of contemplation and relaxation. One of bees buzzing and dragonfly's and all those lovely wildflowers. That first day a Monarch Butterfly landed on my arm (another first for me). I thanked him for coming and gently placed him on a nearby bush so he would be safe. He came back and stayed on me all day long. Rain or shine, sunrise to sunset I was there every day for six weeks. I did all the work myself and loved every minute of it. I planted 142 bushes, shrubs and trees. I placed 13 crystals around the outside of the Labyrinth, one at every star point. Later I also placed a large rock at each site. On September 17th, 2000, the day of the dedication I planted another 13 crystals in the center of the labyrinth and later added a 3 foot copper pipe down the center of the crystals. Copper discs were to surround the center circle and I used 26 pennies to do that. I was running on inspiration, intuition and Lauren's written instructions. This Labyrinth covers a full acre of land. When you step on the path and walk to the center, you've walked 3/4 mile - that's 1 1/2 miles walking in and out. I thought I was making this Labyrinth for me. At the end of the 6 weeks I stood back finally and saw the wonder of it all and knew that it was not just for me. My driving force had been to stand at the center and thank God and the Universe for my life here on Earth...and so I do regularly. In 2007 I created a gazebo shade area at the center. 5 pole and a gifted recycled satellite dish. I painted a mural for the fence company guy who made me the most beautiful fenced in house yard and placed the poles for the gazebo in the labyrinth. I do love barters. Another gift from a very talented young man hangs on one of the gazebo poles. A lovely sounding gong that walkers ring when they reach the center. I am gathering materials for benches for the labyrinth center. Yes, gifts from a friend who knows that I love to carve. As you enter the center of the labyrinth and turn left you will be able to honor each life form which will be depicted in carved wooden benches. Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Angelic and Cosmic Life. You can sit with whichever one speaks to you or just meditate on a comfortable bench. I am told that I have a pure heart. How could it be anything else. I have been so blessed throughout my life. Not with money but always with what I needed at the time. I know that we are not alone. I speak and they hear - Angels, Guides, Protectors and Friends on the other side. They answer my questions. I have only to pay attention and the answer comes. in 1979 I said, "Hey, God, why don't you speak to us? You talked to dirty goat herders by way of burning bushes and dreams. Why not us?" The next day I was introduced to Ramtha. Wow, the stories I could tell you. Ahhh, another day. Come. Visit me and walk the Crystal Labyrinth. It fills me with Love and Peace each time I'm on it. I hope it will do the same for you. Love and blessings, Marianne

May you be filled with Love, Light and Healing energy....Marianne

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