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PO Box 216  9647 Skaneateles Turnpike Brookfield, NY 13314
GPS Users; 9647 Skaneateles turnpike, Hubbardsville, NY 13355
We are loacted on the border between Hubbardsville and Brookfield
Latitude: 42.81531525861905  Longitude: -75.37155389785766
King in the Sky
It was 1955 and I was 10 years old. Standing in the playground with a couple hundred other children I was looking at the clear blue sky. Suddenly a cloud like I have never seen before appeared in the east. I gasped at its' beauty and held my breathe as it floated by blessing me in its travel across the heavens. Within seconds it was out of site and I screamed with the breathe I had held. No one but me saw it. I ran to the music building where the Nuns were and tried to tell them what I had seen. They poo-pooed me and told me to go outside. From that day on I tried to draw that cloud formation and finally in 1989 I completed this oil on canvas painting that I call "The King in the Sky". PS . I did later find a book where the cloud formation had been photoed over Korea. It was not as sharp as when I had seen it but still wonderous.
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