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" A Memorial to John Edward Hancock Jr." My First Born Son, Eddie (as we called him) was 17 when he had a near fatal car accident on his way to Lenape High School one morning in December 1986. His courage throughout his recovery was inspirational to all who knew him. Even though he was left paralyzed from mid-chest down and only slightly brain damaged he was a miracle, filled with hope and loving energy. By the early 90's he was well enough to live in a assisted living, wheelchair friendly environment and he chose" the Florida Institute of Neurologic Rehabilitation"...
- Don't ever allow your children to go there). I had just moved to NY and so we spoke on the phone about every third day. The following piece ( a prayer) was given to me by the Angels in late April of 1995. Each night before I went to sleep there would be a line or two in my head.... So strong that I could not fall asleep. Finally I would write it down and only then could I relax and sleep. This went on for a few nights. I called Eddie and read it to him. He suggested a change, which I made to the last line. He thought it would make it more personal, and it did. Less than 2 weeks later on May 8th he was
dead. Age 25 and dead from peritinitis. He had to be on antiseizure medications because of the head injury and I believe it damaged his stomach linings. I had prayed that he would be freed from the wheelchair. I was saddened by the thought of him being in that wheelchair at an old age. He had always been athletic. He had just finished the Gymnastic season at the time of the accident and I knew that being confined like that was so hard for him. I prayed that he would be whole and healthy again. So when he suddenly died I was shocked BUT knew almost immediately that my prayer was answered. He was free, whole again and in the arms of the Angels. And so the prayer gave me great comfort. To know that they (the friends on the other side) gave me that helped so much and let me know that Eddie was with them, happy and filling the rooms with light just as he did when he was here..............

Guardian Angel Prayer

Guardian Angel, Please help me
be all I wish that I could be
and when my Soul is feeling low
show me how to make it glow
with warmth and love that all can see
for God and Earth and Man and Me

Holy Angel, know I care
it comforts me to know you're there
watching and listening to all I say
and lighting the Path
to show Me the way. 

This prayer was given to me
before sleep at night for one week
The next week after writing it down
my Son Eddie died
Dedicated to my Eddie
sleeping in the arms of the Angels
Love and Peace
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